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Welcome to the gîte La Vieille École

Text taken from the heritage classification document of the MRC de Mékinac.

"The oldest part of this ancestral house (left section with gable roof) was built on lot 71 around 1885when it was taken over by the presbytery of Grandes-Piles. At this time it was occupied by the parish priest. As of 1886 the teacher Noémi Mercure occupied the house providing instruction to the children of the young parish.

Leased from 1890 to 1899 by the Education Board of Saint-Jacques, the building was purchased by the Board in 1899 to make it the official school of the village where lay teachers provided instruction there. In 1909, the school was enlarged by about 17 feet with the addition of new classrooms and the development of three dormer windows on the second floor. The right-hand section (the convent) was erected in 1924 to accommodate six teaching sisters from the Congrégation de l'Assomption de Nicolet.


In 1947, the nuns moved to a new convent. A teacher remained at the old school until 1951. In 1952, the nuns' accommodation was rented. From 1952 to 1966, a restaurant was in operation and operated by Mrs. Claire Vaugeois. From 1953 to 1962, a classroom was rented by the teachers. The owners then follow one another. The house had been converted into three dwellings. 

Subsequently, in 2001, Mr. John Graham bought the abandoned building and completely renovated it, creating the bed and breakfast called The Old School House (La Vieille École) as well as his own personal dwelling.

The Old School House has now been in full operation since 2005." 

The Old School

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