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The region

Grandes-Piles and the surrounding area have all kinds of things to offer:​​


  • high speed internet

  • Relaxation massage on site

  • Bicycles

  • Canoe

  • Cruises

  • Sailboat

  • Walking

  • Mountain climbing

  • Horse riding

  • Golf

  • Art exhibitions

  • And much more...

Here is a brief overview of the points of interest to discover:

The Lumberjack Village, Grandes-Piles

We invite you to come and discover the great epic of the wooden guys who built the country with their arms and their hands in extreme living conditions. Relive the history of the characters who founded the country, such as Father Jacques Buteux, the area's first missionary and martyr, or Jean J. Crête, a great logging entrepreneur who was nicknamed the King of Mauritius, or even Pitou Veillette who operated a lumber camp and raised his entire family in the woods. More information by going to their website at

Au Snooze - Private Micro-Spa

Unique concept in the world of SPA.  Massage therapy and thermotherapy center.  You benefit from our indoor and outdoor spaces as well as our therapeutic treatments with access to the Jacuzzi, barrel sauna, cold shower (in season) and outdoor fireplace; you are at home but in another universe.  This private site allows you to relax alone, as a couple or with your guests (maximum of 6 people) in the treetops overlooking the Pruneau Valley.  More information on their website: (in French only)

Aire Nature

Rustic eco-camping site located on the natural territory of the Protected Biodiversity Reserve of Grandes-Piles. Close to La Mauricie National Park, the St-Maurice River and framed by several lakes, it is an open door to preserved and protected areas that you can explore by taking some 30 km of hiking trails, including the Jacques Buteux section of the National Trail. Lac Clair and Lac des Îles are ideal for canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding.  More information on their website:

Mauricie National Park

The Mauricie National Park of Canada, is a huge playground with more than 150 lakes, including the famous Lake Wapizagonke, and hundreds of animal species. It is definitely a place to visit for nature lovers.

Shawinigan Falls

Hydroelectricity is an important industry in this sector. These man-made dams are used to produce electricity, this clean resource so important today.

The City of Energy, Shawinigan

Museum complex offering plenty of activities such as museum visits, city tours, cruises, exhibitions, shows, etc. More information by going to their website at

Forges-du-Saint-Maurice, National Historic Site

Discover the remains of Canada's first steel industry. Enter the Great House to admire the iron and cast iron pieces made at the Forges, then stop at the blast furnace to learn about this community of craftsmen who, for 150 years, provided objects necessary for the development of the colony and its defense.  More information by going to their website at

St-Maurice River, Grandes-Piles

No matter where you look, there's no bad view of the river! Take a stroll by the side of the federal wharf and enjoy the breathtaking scenery!

The Grand-Mère rock, in Grand-Mère

See the rock formation that gave this town its name. If you look carefully, you will see the profile of an old woman in the rocks! Grand-Mère is only 8 minutes from Grandes-Piles.


The Old School

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